A Peacock’s Tale

A Peacock’s Tale

Nine yards of silk

Is usually a sign

In the Alhambra manor

As the grace of a new bride

The pride of her clan

Ran deeper than blood ties

As this fair maiden

Eternally covered her eyes

To hide her curiosities

And to curb her zeal

Of finding the light

The moon reveals

Feeling the blinds

Across her eyes

Brought nothing but madness

Into her new life

The wolves she enchants

From dawn to dusk

Gave them their desires

But she was using up

The fragments in her soul

As it broke further

To feed the wolves

Their eyes always on her

Without her sight

She tried to feel

For the shoes in her closet

And a key she steals

To leave the mansion

And to begin the dance

For her love and her sin

Never did she imagine

That she would get the chance

To bath in the moonlight

If only she was braver

To pull down her blinds

The stars mesmerize

Looking at the fair maiden

Who had broken the chains

Of all but her vision

Mastering the arts

Of seduction and love

She becomes a belle

Of the heavens and above

As she dances on the bridge

With all her soul

She feels the footsteps

Of a familiar fowl

As he comes closer

She takes a step back

Not wanting to leave

Without finishing her dance

While asking for her heart

She refuses to give

He pulls out the ribbon

And agrees to forgive

If she gives him and the wolves

Every drop of her blood

Till they are full

And no longer need her love

Without a choice

She pulls out the laces

Of the only pair of shoes

And throws them in the river

The grace of a nymph

And a pride of a peacock

Felt so useless

When she could not recall

Stepping out of the illusion

While feeling for the wind

Between the gaps of the door

As she finally begins

To sew her final pair

Of shoes, she decides

To bring out her the silk

The only proof of a bride

With the moon watching over

For nine days and nights

Her heart begins to wither

As she finishes sewing by sunrise

Turning on the swan song

And pulling the laces tight

Her pointe was ready

To go on its last flight

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